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Nicholas Reid "Nick" Offray

DATE OF BIRTH january 1, 1984

PLACE OF BIRTH san diego, ca

CURRENT RESIDENCE los angeles, ca
green bay, wi

OCCUPATION nfl quarterback (Packers, #12)

RELATIONSHIP STATUS married to his job
nicholas reid offray was born in san diego, california as an only child to nfl royalty--his father, charles offray, was highly regarded as one of the best nfl defensive linemen in history. young nick was ushered out of the spotlight for as long as possible, to give him the chance for something close to a normal childhood. nick, however, wanted what his father had--he had aspirations of breaking his father's records and becoming the greatest lineman in nfl history. through pee-wee football all the way up to junior high, nick always found himself just mediocre; he could anticipate what the other team would do, but he found it difficult to tackle. though he tried out for the defense in high school, his coach insisted he try something on the offensive side of the ball.

and that's when it started. nick had an incredible eye for playcalling, and extraordinary accuracy for a high schooler. but, no colleges wanted to recruit a scrawny senior with mostly defensive experience that hadn't hit his growth spurt yet, no matter who his dad was. so, rather than give up, nick attended junior college and continued playing football there. during his year at junior college, he started filling out physically as well as mentally. in 2003 he transferred to university of southern california and almost immediately earned the starting quarterback position. it didn't take long for nick's collegiate career to take off, taking his team to bowl games and breaking records right and left. nearly every draft expert reported he would be drafted first--however, as the draft begun, he was passed over to the green bay packers at the 24th pick. story of his life, so nick thought. he would prove those 23 teams just what they missed out on.

though he had a hard work ethic, he found himself tempted by hollywood parties. almost immediately, he began networking and making friends. his rookie season was uneventful game-wise, but he made a lot of friends, along with a reputation: nearly every after-party; every weekend at avalon, chateau marmont, voyeur. known for his flair of show, he threw many parties of his own, but always somehow stayed out of trouble.

that is, until just before the 2009 season, when rumors began circling. his success as the new starting quarterback for the packers ultimately came with its fair share of public spotlight. his close relationship with someone he referred to as "just his teammate" was called into question--the truth was, the two teammates had been living together as roommates since nick's rookie year, but had started to become romantically involved. it was casual at first, but when his "roommate" began referring to nick as "his boyfriend" to others, the information spread. at the time, there were no openly gay or bisexual players in the nfl, and with nick's popularity rising, he couldn't afford to let rumors spiral out of control; he feared it would have jeopardized his career. he quickly cut ties with him, selling the home and finding a new place to live--the teammate requested to be traded to another team, while nick's publicist found a solution: [your name here!]'s publicist needed a man to play the role of doting boyfriend. while it wasn't nick's style to confirm relationships (or any personal info), it was exactly what he needed to keep his reputation afloat. the relationship with her didn't last long--the twosome split up a few months later, reportedly due to long distance while he was away in wisconsin for the season. the relationship and subsequent breakup put nick out of the limelight regarding rumors about his teammate.

the 2010 season had looked rather steady, but nick knew it was different--the team's season skyrocketed in post-season, landing them in the super bowl. with a nearly flawless performance from nick and his receivers, the team was vicorious, awarding nick as the mvp. since that season, nick has been chasing a better season, even after the nearly lossless season of 2011, with no appearances in the super bowl yet. one season with a broken collarbone hadn't helped, either. many nay-sayers claim that his interest in acting has taken nick's attention away from football. however, he is currently leading pre-season workouts in green bay, hoping to win another super bowl title.

media perception:
nick is almost always in the gossip mags, though never anything confirmed. he is notoriously quiet when it comes to talking about his personal life--interviews are prefaced with a list of topics he will not discuss, and if anything on that list is brought up, he will end the interview, as he has done a few times in the past. this has left public knowledge of his personal life up in the air for most of his career, with most people merely speculating things. a rumor began circulating in 2009 that he may have had a romantic connection with one of his (now former) teammates; nick quickly cut ties with the "teammate" and, soon after, they no longer were teammates. after this, a relationship was arranged between himself and [tbd] that was strictly professional, but very cute and romantic in the public eye. the romance didn't last long, but it had helped to squash the rumors about nick's sexuality.

these days, he is well known for his off-season partying, often drinking way too much and having friends babysit him. he has recently been hacked, his personal pictures, documents, and even football plays being spread throughout the internet. at the beginning of the 2016 football season, things seem to be slowing down long enough for him to focus on football alone -- at least, for now.

things to know:
he's a party machine, but only during offseason. he takes his job seriously, but when he's not working, he's definitely playing.
he's notoriously quiet about his love life. doesn't mean he hasn't done his share of dating; he's gotten himself in trouble and landed in the gossip mags. but, somehow, he always avoids confirming almost anything.
he has an on/off relationship with [your name here!] it may or may not be arranged. they care a great deal about each other, and when they're together it's pretty convincing that there's something there between them. however, there's always something that pulls them apart.
he has no tattoos. doesn't plan on getting any, either. he has nothing against them, just hasn't found anything he wants to keep forever.
he's getting serious about acting. he knows a few people in "the business" and has appeared in a few things, most notably animated tv shows.
his computer was recently hacked. lots of personal photos, emails, messages, confidential nfl materials, etc were leaked recently due to a breach in security on his home computer in los angeles. many things have remained unreleased as of now, including nude photos and videos of some other famous faces.

football scroll down for stats national football league quarterback, green bay packers (2005-present)

nfl pro bowl (2010, 2012, 2013) quarterback

super bowl XLV (2011) quarterback

television/film ready player one (film; in progress, 2018) i-R0k

suicide squad (film; 2016) lieutenant 'gq' edwards

pitch perfect 2 (film; 2015) green bay packer

jeopardy! (tv; 2015) himself / celebrity contestant

the timeline (tv; 2015) himself ("favre returns")

family guy (tv; 2015) volcano (voice, "roasted guy")

american dad! (tv; 2013-2015) andrew (voice, "my affair lady")
dj iron monkey (voice, "blonde ambition")
matt davis (voice, "the longest distance relationship")
cowboy (voice, "news glances with genevieve vavance")
benji (voice, "poltergasm")

big hero 6 (film; 2014) fred (voice)

the walking dead (tv; 2013) superstore walker ("30 days without an accident")

the office (tv; 2013) nick offray ("a.a.r.m.")

60 minutes (tv; 2012) himself ("leader of the pack")

Key & Peele (tv; 2012) dan smith ("east/west college bowl")

year of the quarterback (tv; 2010) himself

award shows the 2016 academy awards (2016) presenter

national football league honors (2010-2016) presenter / recipient

guys choice awards (2012) recipient

talk show appearances e! live from the red carpet (2016) himself

the tonight show starring jimmy fallon (2015) guest / himself (nfl superlatives)

talking dead (2013) guest

jim rome on showtime (2012-2014) guest

mike & mike (2011-2014) telephone guest

the after party with jay glazer (2011) guest

the tonight show with jay leno (2011) himself (at the super bowl)

late show with david letterman (2011) guest

the ellen degeneres show (2011) guest

rome is burning (2008-2010) guest

NFL career highlights 5-time Pro Bowl (2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015) 2-time AP NFL Most Valuable Player (2011, 2014) 2-time First-team All-Pro (2011, 2014) 2-time Fed-Ex Air NFL Player of the Year (2010, 2014) 2-time NFL passer rating leader (2011, 2012) 2-time GMC Never Say Never Award (2013, 2014) 2-time NFC Offensive Player of the Year (2010, 2014) Second-team All-Pro (2012) Associated Press Athlete of the Year (2011) Super Bowl champion (XLV) Super Bowl MVP (XLV) Recipient of Wisconsin "Nick Offray Day" (12/12/12) Voted #1 by his peers on NFL's Top 100 Players in 2012 Best TD to INT ratio in NFL history (4.05) Most TD passes 70+ yards (16) Drafted 24th overall (2005) First-team All-Pac-10 (2004) Second-team Academic All-Pac-10 (2004) Insight Bowl Offensive MVP (2003)

2015 season (10-6) games played: 16
attempts: 572
completions: 347 (60.7%)
passing yards: 3821
touchdowns: 31
interceptions: 8 (1.4%)
passer rating: 92.7

2014 season (12-4) games played: 16
attempts: 520
completions: 341 (65.6%)
passing yards: 4381
touchdowns: 38
interceptions: 5 (1.0%)
passer rating: 112.2

2013 season (8-7) games played: 9
attempts: 290
completions: 193 (66.6%)
passing yards: 2536
touchdowns: 17
interceptions: 6 (2.1%)
passer rating: 104.9

2012 season (11-5) games played: 16
attempts: 552
completions: 371 (67.2%)
passing yards: 4295
touchdowns: 39
interceptions: 8 (1.4%)
passer rating: 108

2011 season (15-1) games played: 15
attempts: 502
completions: 343 (68.3%)
passing yards: 4643
touchdowns: 45
interceptions: 6 (1.2%)
passer rating: 122.5

2010 season (10-6, SB Champs) games played: 15
attempts: 475
completions: 312 (65.7%)
passing yards: 3922
touchdowns: 28
interceptions: 11 (2.3%)
passer rating: 101.2

2009 season (11-5) games played: 16
attempts: 541
completions: 350 (64.7%)
passing yards: 4434
touchdowns: 30
interceptions: 7 (1.3%)
passer rating: 103.2

2008 season (6-10) games played: 16
attempts: 536
completions: 341 (63.6%)
passing yards: 4038
touchdowns: 28
interceptions: 13 (2.4%)
passer rating: 93.8

2007 season (13-3) games played: 2
attempts: 28
completions: 20 (71.4%)
passing yards: 218
touchdowns: 1
interceptions: 0 (0%)
passer rating: 106

2006 season (8-8) games played: 2
attempts: 15
completions: 6 (40%)
passing yards: 46
touchdowns: 0
interceptions: 0 (0%)
passer rating: 48.2

2005 season (4-12) games played: 3
attempts: 16
completions: 9 (56.3%)
passing yards: 65
touchdowns: 0
interceptions: 1 (6.3%)
passer rating: 39.8

college 2004 season attempts: 316
completions: 209 (66.1%)
passing yards: 2566
touchdowns: 24
interceptions: 8
qb rating: 154.35

2003 season attempts: 349
completions: 215 (61.6%)
passing yards: 2903
touchdowns: 19
interceptions: 5
qb rating: 146.58

2002 season stats not available

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